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101 Online Business Ideas to Start For Less Than $101

Online businesses are slowly becoming the new normal. Technology is creating tons of business opportunities and jobs every day, thus making it easy for anyone to begin an online business without investing a lot of money to get started. This article provides amazing 101 online business ideas that you can implement with less than 101 dollars. Let’s get started!

1. Freelancing writing

If you have good grammar and you love writing, this can be a good gig for you. Online writing and print publications are good ways of making money. Writing can land you a full-time opportunity. Many websites post freelance jobs including Upwork,, and media bistro. Freelancing is a lucrative online business idea that requires only your laptop, internet connection, and talent.

2. Rideshare driving

If you have a car, this can be a good business for you. You can get started by downloading the app of the company you wish to work with. Register yourself and begin working as a driver. With the high rise of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies, this can be a job in high demand. You can market your services on different social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc

3. Buying And Selling Website

If you love content writing, this concept can perfectly suit you. You can begin to purchase undervalued websites, work on them to improve them, and then sell them at a profit. A website can also allow you to be making a monthly profit as you wait to get someone to buy it. You can buy or sell websites through direct clients, website brokers, or other marketplaces such as,,, Website brokers, etc.

4. Blogging

Discover a specific niche that interests you and begin to write on it. Launch a blog where you can be sharing your knowledge. To begin with, you can use free content management platforms such as Tumblr, blogger, and WordPress.

A blog can allow you to make money by becoming an affiliate, beginning a subscription service as well as selling ad space. You only need to know your target audience and write in a style and tone that will entice them. The more traffic to your blog, the higher the chances of earning more. Thus, ensure to take note of your keywords as you write your blog.  To build a profitable blog, you will need to create high-quality content regularly to keep readers coming back.

5. Vlog With YouTube

This is quite easy in the modern world today. The majority of smartphones, tablets, and laptops have an inbuilt camera. This makes it easy for you to create videos and upload them on YouTube. You only need to find an area that you are knowledgeable about and begin to share it on YouTube. As you do this and get many subscribers to your channel, you will begin to earn from your vlog through ads.

6. Resume-Writing Service

If you have an aptitude for composing resumes, this can be a good online business idea for you. Many people do not know how to compose a resume that can impress employers. They, therefore, seek those with skills in writing resumes before they can do a job application. Everyone wants to maximize the opportunity of getting the job they have been eyeing. Job vacancies keep opening up and job seekers will require to either write new resumes or improve the existing resumes before they can apply for jobs. So, if have the right skills for this service, you might begin earning sooner than you may think.

7. Affiliate Marketing

If you have internet access, you can try out affiliate marketing from anywhere including your home. To do this, you will need to work with a brand and generate traffic to their website. You will require an affiliate link to generate sales. Most of the merchants pay based on the agreed commission. This means that you will be receiving a commission on all the sales made through your link. If your pocket allows, you can promote your link by using paid advertising. Additionally, you can make use of networks such as Amazon and Amway to increase traffic to your brand as an affiliate. Some of the popular affiliate marketing sites include eBay Partners, Clickbank, Shopify Affiliate Program, Amazon Associates, and ShareASale Affiliates.

8. Creating Stock Photography

If you have a creative eye and s passion for photography, this can be an opportunity for you to earn. This involves creating images and posting them on stock agencies. Once those images are online, you will begin to earn anytime they get downloaded or purchased. For you to earn big money, you must be creative and smart. Pay attention to business and social trends to be able to respond to market demands. Do the right keywording to ensure that you appear on the first page of the engine searches whenever a search is performed.  Some of the websites where you can post your images are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, Alamy, and iStock/Getty.

9. Make An Online Course

Are you a specialist in a certain field? If yes, then creating an online can be profitable for you. You only need to know the platform that is easy for you to deliver your expertise such as through websites, podcasts, videos, YouTube, etc. You may also broaden your horizon and market your course by using platforms such as Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy.  This is an online business that allows you to sit back, relax, and earn once you are done producing your educational content.

10. Develop An Ecommerce Store

Technology has changed the way we used to do things including buying and selling. Most things have gone digital including buying and selling. In this era, you can make money by setting up an eCommerce store to enable consumers to buy items using their gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets through digital transactions.

After you launch your eCommerce store, focus on marketing it through different social media platforms to drive many prospects into your online store.  Once you attain a strong brand for your store, you will begin to reap big money.

11. Offer Proofreading Services

If you can keep a keen eye on details, this can be your gig to start earning. Proofreading refers to reading written work and crossing off any errors that you will come across. Unless you have been asked to edit, do not rectify any mistake. You only need to mark and leave a suggestion. Your tasks will be to mark errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency for the text. Proofreading jobs are available on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr

12. Tutoring Services

You may be an expert in a particular area such as playing piano, mathematics, etc. You may be surprised to know that someone somewhere needs help in your area of expertise. Most of these people are even willing to pay to get help in your field of expertise. You can turn your knowledge into a business and create a customer base through advertising your services on social media, local schools, community centers, and community colleges.

13. Freelance Makeup Artist

Everyone wants to look beautiful especially if there is a special occasion or a video/ photoshoot. However, not all people know how to apply make-up on their faces. Some of them know how to do it but don’t have the right products. They would prefer to have a professional to do make-up for them. If you have the skills to do many different looks, you can consider making this a business. You will only need to market your services through social media platforms or physically to get started. Ensure to offer the best and you will be having returning customers. Also, give a bonus to a customer who refers a friend to you.       

14. Selling Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names can be an income-generating hustle. The thing is, buy a domain at a cheap price, give it some time and then sell it at a profit. Many business people are willing to buy domains that they want and pay a considerable amount. You can buy a domain name from domain sellers such as Namecheap, Godaddy, etc. There are specialist sites such as Namejet and Sedo where buyers visit to find domains to purchase. The secret is, to buy a domain with a more generic title. These might be easy to sell compared to others. For instance, you can consider domains with popular names, potential business names, or geographical names.

15. Transcription Services

Transcription is among the easiest ways of making money online. You only need a laptop, internet and strong knowledge of the language that you will be using. This business is flexible and it allows you to work from anywhere including your home at your own pace. However, to be effective in this business, you need to specialize in a particular niche such as legal transcription, general transcription, or medical transcription. Once this business scale is high, you can consider hiring other people to help you transcribe while you get to manage other tasks such as growing your business. Some of the transcription sites that offer transcription jobs include TranscribeMe, Transcript Divas, SpeakWrite, Tigerfish, and Speechpad.

16. Develop an App

This is a good gig for people with coding skills and innovative concepts. Go for an app that is eye-catching and interesting. Having the target audience will help you to develop an ingenious concept. Focus on attracting serious and numerous download volumes. You will also need to keep adding new features to retain your customers. Additionally, you can add paid feature to generate money above the amount you get when the app is downloaded. Do not forget to market your app to attract more users. Knowing your market will guide you on where to start advertising. But in the tech world, social media is a good place to begin your marketing.

17. Write An Ebook

If you enjoy writing, this can be a lucrative opportunity for you. Once you organize your content, you can publish an ebook on platforms such as Amazon. Self-publishing might be hectic. Therefore, to publish your written content, register for kindle direct publishing. Publishing on kindle mostly takes less than five minutes and your book is ready to go to the market. However, if you want, your ebook can also be published in print.

18. Web Researching

This an easy online business that can earn you money without a lot of hassles. You will only need a stable internet connection and a laptop. Many companies require people who can do online research for them ranging from the market, academic, and digital marketing research. The best thing about online research is that it can be done from anywhere including in the comfort of your home. To begin with, know the area where you have an upper hand and look for job offers on websites, blogs, and databases. Deliver excellent work to receive positive reviews and your business will begin to scale high.

19. Venture Into The Stock Market

You can make money by buying and selling stocks. You will need to buy shares at a low price, give them time to increase the price, and then sell them at a profit.  You can purchase stocks on different platforms including Plus500, IG, and Etoro. To succeed in this business, you will need to research and know the market trends. You can make use of trading magazines such as Traders world, The Economist, and Modern Trader to learn about the changes in the market.

20. Become A Voice Over Artist

To become a voice-over, you need to have a good microphone and sound editing software. Voice artists are in demand for podcast outros/intros, audiobooks, and narration. A lot of digital content becomes relevant and interesting in video production. Organizations require videos for their products and brands require educational video campaigns. For this video to reach out to the audience, there is a need for a voice-over.

Once you decide to try out this idea, begin looking for opportunities on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancing.

21. Designing Ebook Covers

This is a lucrative idea for someone with graphic design knowledge or one who is willing to learn how to design. There are tools such as canvas to help you design an eBook cover. Canva has a free version with features that can enable you to get started. However, you can access more tools for a small payment. You can also learn more skills on platforms such as Udemy, YouTube, etc. To increase your

chances of having serious clients, create a portfolio to showcase your work.

22. Presentations Creation

Many brands prefer to outsource talents to create presentations for them instead of hiring full-time personnel. It saves them money and time.  As a presentation creator, you will need to have content that can persuade people into buying companies’ goods and services. To begin with, acquaint yourself with presentation design software like Canva, Google Slides, and Keynote. These tools have provides common formats that are mostly requested by clients.

23. Webinar Business

Webinar business contains live-streamed online seminars. If you are well knowledgeable in a particular field, this can be a good business to consider. You can create and deliver any content including educational, instructive, or inspirational. Depending on your audience, you can choose the kind of webinars that you want whether visual or audio. Provide an environment where consumers can interact with you.

24. Dropshipping

If you are good at convincing buyers to purchase goods, this can be a good business to think about. It involves selling goods for companies and handles the shipping. To start the business, know where to list the products you want to sell. Some of the best online marketplaces include Woocommerce, Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. Then choose the dropshipping supplier that may work for you. Some of the dropshipping suppliers you can choose include AliExpress, Spocket, and Wholesale2b. You can then begin to list the products that you want to sell online and send the orders to your dropshipping suppliers. However, if you want to scale high, you can consider automating your business.

25. Offering Coaching Services

This is another area that has not been fully utilized. If you can help someone solve a particular challenge, this can be a good starting point for you.  Your kindness,  passion, and coaching experience can result in an online business idea. Market your services on different social medial platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Ensure to create a strong profile as you begin to reach out to potential clients.

26. Becoming A Musician

Music can pay well if done seriously and smartly.  You can make money by selling your recorded tracks. There are several ways to sell your music tracks including through stores or your own websites. Some of the stores you can use are Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. To attract more clients, you can also consider using SoundCloud. You can upload your music for free and attract huge traffic. Remember to include a link to your website to allow your fans to purchase your music directly.

27. Video Editing

This is a nice gig for people with video editing skills or those that are quick to learn the skills. However, video editing tools such as InVideo makes it easy to edit a video for beginners. If this is a thing that you would want to try, begin by identifying the niche that you want to pursue such as creating ad campaigns, producing wedding videos, or editing cooperate videos. To build a portfolio, you can begin offering your services for free. This can be a great way to showcase your services and can attract clients to your business.

28. Social Media Management

This involves building and running the brand’s social media presence. As a social media manager, you will be monitoring, evaluating, as well as engaging your client’s social media accounts to improve them. To manage an account, you can make use of Hootsuite, sprout social, and Buffer. These tools will help you to perform your roles including uploading content at the right time and responding to fans appropriately. However, to reach out to many clients, your social media profile must also be strong.

29. Offering illustration services

To work as an illustrator, you need to be creative. To begin, you will require to choose a niche that best fits you such as working with magazines, illustrating for ads campaigns, etc using social media platforms to market yourself. Automated means can also be effective in marketing. For instance, you can start selling your work on the Etsy shop.  It is one of the best-automated ways that can help you reach a wide range of markets.

30. Creating Press Releases

This involves informing the public about the organization’s activities, products, or services in an engaging manner to attract prospects. If you can capture the attention of readers through your content, this can be a good opportunity for you. You will only need to have a computer, and a stable internet connection and write using an immaculate writing style. To up your game, it will be important you complete an online course to showcase your qualifications to the client.

31. Making Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations refer to a short, animated video that focuses on a person drawing on a whiteboard. These kinds of videos take less than three minutes and are done in a cartoon-like style. To venture into this field, look for software such as Explaindio. Practice making whiteboard videos and when you acquire all the necessary skills, begin to hunt for jobs. You can make use of freelancing platforms such as Fiver, Upwork, and freelancing. Place bids to get your first job and ensure to do it right to get a positive review. Once, you build your profile, you can increase your rates and earn more. However, always keep up with the demands in the market to ensure that you request a reasonable payment.

32. Translating Languages

This can be a good business for people who knows at least one foreign language. Translation gives you the flexibility of working from home. To begin this business,  you need to specialize in a particular field to be more accurate in your translation. Define how much you will be charging per word.  You can look for translating jobs on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Ensure that your grammar is perfect.

33. Becoming A Consultant

Becoming a consultant is quite easy especially if you strategize yourself. You only need to be an expert in the area you want to offer consultant services. Create your profile explaining how you will add value to your clients. Know your target audience and create a business plan. Begin to market yourself and when you get your first client, ensure to offer the best. Your clients might also help you to market your services to their friends.

34. Become A Nutritionist

Becoming a health nutritionist can be a rewarding career. Most people want to be advised on how to eat healthy diets. You can begin by creating healthy meal plans as well as recommendations. Create a strategy to get clients to join your course. You can make it more interactive by adding a weight loss challenge. Besides, you can enroll in an online nutrition course to earn a certificate so that people may find your profession legit. To reach more people, market your services on YouTube, podcasts, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

35. Work As Virtual Admin Assistant

If you have strong planning and organizational skill, this can be a good role for you. Admin assistant’s main role is to help the business owner manage some tasks to ensure that their business runs smoothly. You will be handling administrative tasks such as entering data, scheduling appointments, managing emails, handling social media, etc. To find admin assistant jobs, register on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancing.

36. Work As A Web Developer

To venture into this career, you will need to have some background in It since web development will require you to know programming languages such as python, CSS, HTML, and Javascript. To find web development jobs, register on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, freelancing, etc.

37. Micro-Influencing

Do you know that you can start earning by just being an influencer? This is how you can go about it. Begin to post on social media regularly. This will enable you to analyze your follower. You can capitalize on anything. There have been people who have become famous on social media by showing wedding accessories, creating funny videos, etc.  You can begin anywhere! The aim is to gather followers who would be loyal to your base. Once you get a good following base, start to promote goods and services.

38. Data Entry

Data entry job requires you to know about Microsoft office, have a laptop, and have stable internet. Register for freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork and begin to look for your first job. The secret is to offer quality work at a low cost. This will help you get your first client fast. Produce quality work to ensure that you get a good review. After building a strong profile, you can raise your charges and specialize in a specific niche.

39. Creating A Business Plan

We are living in an era where many people want freedom. Thus, many employed people are turning to set up their own business opportunities. However, not many people know how to create a business plan. If you are skilled in this area, you can reap good money by simply turning your knowledge into a new business. New people who want to own a business, will be seeking you to guide them in creating successful business plans. You will need to market yourself on different social media platforms to widen your business and make more money.

40. Designing And Selling Logos

This job requires you to have graphic design knowledge. Look for design software and sharpen your skills. When you feel that you are ready, begin to search for opportunities on freelancing platforms. You can also design logos upfront and sell them through logo marketplaces such as Art web and Designhill.

41. Get Into Cryptocurrency Trade

Cryptocurrency trading is just like any other trade. You will buy the stock at a low price and hold them a bit for the price to go up, then cash out at a profit. However, cryptocurrency trading is transacted directly from a seller to a buyer. Some of the popular cryptocurrency currencies are Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. It is very important to understand the market before you can invest.

42. Creating Documentaries

Many brands and business requires document creation such as emergency contact forms, directories, inventories, checklists, contact lists, etc. If you choose to take this job up, you must sharpen your business knowledge and design skills. You may also make your work easier by using software such as Foxit, Ecrion, or Hotdocs. To find this kind of work, register with freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can also contact companies directly.

43. Selling Website Plugins

Many plugins are used to add features to websites such as weather and membership features. This job will require you to have knowledge of this field as well as coding skills. If you are in a position to design website plugins, this is a lucrative opportunity. However, you must have a strategy to advertise your services to remain on top of things.

44. Becoming An Online Mailing List Broker

Mail list brokers are in high demand in many businesses. Their main work is compiling a list of names of business prospects including their addresses. To do this kind of work, you need to perform market research to identify prospective consumers. With your knowledge in market research and analysis, computer, and a stable internet connection, you can get started!

45. Promoting Sponsored Instagram Posts

To do this kind of business, you must first grow your Instagram page.  The best thing about this business is that you do not need to invest money to do marketing but you can instead grow your account organically. Ensure to engage an audience who can interact well with your content. Once this is done, you can now create brand lit. Begin to reach out to prospective brand partners to talk about a collaboration.  Indicate your prices and post your sponsored content to start getting paid. Rinse and do it again.

46. Amazon Reselling

You can take your selling online through Amazon. You need to buy products at a low price and sell them at a profit.  However, as you list your products on Amazon, you will need to describe them in a way that will draw readers and compel them to action. You must learn how to write captivating headlines that are eye-catching.

47. Content Marketing Consultancy

People who know how to market content to improve a company’s reputation – and, eventually, revenue – are highly sought after by businesses and organizations. If you are skilled in doing that, you can consider starting a content marketing consultancy business that you can run online. To become a successful content marketing consultant, you should demonstrate your content marketing success, such as through a popular blog or website. Excellent social networking skills are necessary for this business. Current marketing best practices, such as developing and sharing interesting content and building an online following, may be learned through online courses. Also, joining networking organizations like the Content Marketing Association is a good idea.

48. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business

Providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service is another viable online business idea. The SaaS sector has grown at an exponential rate since it was invented. SaaS businesses and enterprises have a strong chance of succeeding, provided they match market needs. Instead of a one-time fee, the SaaS business model allows subscribers and other clients to pay a yearly or monthly subscription to access SaaS software. This type of pricing model, which is delivered online, thanks to cloud computing, allows SaaS business owners to generate monthly recurring revenue while focusing on new features, new products, better service, and other benefits that provide lifetime value to both new and existing users.

49. Private Travel Consultancy

You can launch a private travel consultancy business if you enjoy traveling and site seeing. The good news is that a budget of less than $101 is enough to get started with your online travel consulting business. To start with, create a Facebook or LinkedIn group to invite people who want to stay on top of your latest tips and ideas. Then, go ahead and start a travel blog where you can provide travel tips and ideas as well as teach visitors about ways to make their travel dreams a reality. You can run this business first as a side hassle before making it a full-time business.

50. Online Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a huge industry. People require them for a variety of reasons. They send cards not only to commemorate births, graduations, and anniversaries but also to brighten the day of a loved one. Many individuals will not consider presenting a gift until they attach a greeting card. You may start an online greeting card business if you have a unique idea for online greeting cards and creative flare. You can personalize greeting cards for every occasion.

51. Poem Writer

Have you ever found yourself flipping poem cards and thought you could write poems? It could be simpler than you think. Though it is commonly considered that poem opportunities are dwindling, millions of poem cards for various occasions are sold each year, indicating that poem writers remain in demand. Any person with a knack for crafting meaningful poems can apply for a job as a poem writer. No special education or certifications are required. You simply need to identify poem publishers who will compensate you for your work. Familiarize yourself with submission guidelines and begin sending out samples.

52. Catering Business

If you are a chef or cook who wants to transform your catering skills into a business, you can get started on a platform such as EatWith. This is an online community marketplace full of authentic culinary experiences. Apart from showcasing your dining experience, you can host cooking classes and interactive sessions with your audience. Such platforms provide people with an opportunity to book catering events. The growth of this business relies largely on recommendations. So, make sure to over-deliver for your first customers. Ask if they know anybody else who could require your catering services. Furthermore, if you play your cards correctly and begin to establish a social following over time, you could create a food blog, which can open up other revenue streams for your business.

53. Filling Out Surveys

Taking paid online surveys is a simple way to get money in your leisure time. Businesses that require feedback on new ideas or goods before they enter the market turn to survey companies. Answering questions that can help companies improve their goods earn survey respondents money. Taking online surveys for money may be worthwhile if you use the correct survey sites and follow a few simple guidelines. To get started, you simply need to have a computer or even a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

54. Ghostwriting Business

Many individuals like to see their names on a book cover. But they don’t have the skills to create one. Ghostwriters compose works for persons who are unable or unwilling to do so themselves. Ghostwriters work with a wide spectrum of customers, including celebrities and ordinary individuals who need their stories conveyed. Starting a ghostwriting business isn’t expensive. You can get started with less than $101. Because most ghostwriters operate from home, the most significant cost is probably marketing.  Ghostwriters should, at the least, have a professional-looking website to promote their services.

55. Baking

Do you enjoy baking and cooking for others? If so, baking is one of the profitable online business ideas you can implement. It’s amazing how much baking can convert into a variety of profitable business concepts. With baking skills, you can market your services online through social media or a blog. Your clients can make orders and pay online. Then, you can fulfill them within a specific period. By mastering the oven, kneading flour, and satisfying everyone’s sweet craving, you may start earning some extra cash. While some professionals have made baking their full-time career, you do not need to quit your day job just yet to explore this business idea. Depending on your background, you may start small before going large scale.

56. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Many small businesses and startups are increasingly outsourcing activities like bookkeeping and accounting that aren’t part of their primary operation. If you have accounting and bookkeeping skills, you can help companies with bookkeeping and keep up-to-date account records. Because businesses need to maintain track of their cash flow at all times, freelance accountants and bookkeepers may benefit greatly from the growing need for part-time services in this area.

57. SEO Expert

SEO business is a gold mine for tech-savvy individuals and is now one of the trendiest professions in the internet world. While everyone is a little obsessed with optimizing their websites for search engines, not many people are experts in search engine optimization. If you decide to venture into this area, you will be involved in offering different off-page and on-page SEO services including link building, content optimization, and image optimization. You can get started by looking for clients and marketing your SEO services on social media or through a personal blog.

58. Captioning

Captioning is in high demand today due to the rise in the production of video content. Mobile technology is advancing at a high speed thus there is a need to caption the digital content to enable the users to access it even with the sounds being off or in a noisy environment.

59. Landing Page Specialist

This can be a good online business idea for people who enjoy designing and writing. However, you will need to have SEO knowledge and how to search for the right keywords. You can also learn copywriting courses online on sites such as Udemy, course hero, etc, and become a specialist in this area.

60. Doing Commission-Based Sales   

To do this kind of business, you must know how to formulate your sales strategies. You can try reaching out to your customers through emails, cold calling, social media platforms, etc. If this sounds good to you, check for opportunities on freelancing sites such as Angel List.

61. Telemarketing

If you have marketing skills, you can consider this type of business. To earn from it, you will focus on creating a  potential customer base for businesses, advertising, and generating leads. It will require you to contact prospective customers on behalf of the company.

62. Start A Facebook Group

If you have got an online presence on social media, you can decide to monetize it. If you manage to get many subscribers, you can make money from it since you can begin charging as new users request membership.

63. Social Shopping Marketplace

On this platform, your work will be to connect consumers with sellers. You can look for an opportunity to work as an e-commerce facilitator on websites such as Shopcade, Polyvore, Storenvy, etc.

64. Become A Financial Advisor

Demand for this business is increasing since many people want to invest wisely.  Your work will be to assist businesses and individuals to meet their financial goals. Other services you can offer are retirement planning, general investment analysis, estate planning, and university funding.

65. Sell Recipes

This business will need you to be aware of the latest eating trends for you to create a recipe that can increase your sales. You can sell those recipes through websites or social media. You can also repackage the recipe as an eBook and sell it on Amazon.

66. Computer Training

Teaching your abilities online can be highly profitable, just as offering online courses. To appreciate the wonders of the digital era and stay competitive, everyone requires some level of computer knowledge. If you are a techie, you may capitalize on this demand by delivering computer training via portals like YouTube or Udemy. You can also create your own computer training site with an online payment mechanism.

67. Drone Training

Are you a good drone pilot with the ability to train others? Then, put your skills together and become a drone videographer. Through a blog, you can begin teaching people how to fly their own drones at some fee. After all, drone use is likely to rise as a result of applications in media, mining, construction, and agriculture.

68. Employee Recruitment

Many firms are outsourcing HR functions such as recruiting and hiring. Despite the fact that it is a critical and required investment, most companies just do not have the time. As a result, they’re open to working with a headhunter who can help them find top talent. The good news is that you can offer recruitment services remotely.

69. Data Analysis

Data analysis mainly involves cleaning and transforming data to identify useful information for corporate decision-making. The goal of data analysis is to extract usable information from data and make decisions based on such knowledge. Data is used by businesses to enhance procedures and expand their operations. Providing data analysis services is a low-cost investment with great returns. You can advertise your services and look for data analyst jobs on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

70. Online Fitness Business

Do you run a fitness center or a gym and want to increase your income? Take advantage of the internet market and provide virtual fitness classes. Decide which services you want to offer virtual and come up with a pricing strategy. You can combine live streaming with pre-recorded videos.

71. Therapy Services

For anyone skilled in a particular area of therapy, the world is in great need of therapy services, from behavior and mental therapy to interpersonal and emotion-focused therapy. You may work with customers remotely from wherever you choose, provided you have the necessary licenses and certifications. Just make sure to be in a peaceful and private environment when offering your virtual therapy services.

72. Multi-Level Marketing Programs

This program allows the sales force to be rewarded for the sales they close and also form the sales made by the sales force they have recruited to the program. The more people you recruit into the programs, the higher your returns.

73. Selling Private Level Labels

You can make private labels by establishing a brand and also buying products. However, you can also have other websites like Alibaba manufacture your private label products and then sell them through Amazon. Make your business stand out by buying and selling unique labels.

74. Create A Membership Website

Before creating a membership website, you need to first find an appropriate niche for it.  The users you are targeting must find value in it. Once you build it, choose subscription models, receive online payment, etc. You can make huge money from an online community.

75 Develop An Online Job Board

An online job board connects job seekers with potential employers for a fee.

To stand out in this field, the best thing is to specialize in one niche such as pet sitters, lawn attendants, etc. Once, your job board becomes stable, you can start collecting a fee from employers for them to post job listings as well as from job seekers as they upload their CVs.

76. Developing A Micro- Job Website

A micro-job website enables you to earn money by connecting freelancers to employers. Some of the popular micro-job websites are Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc. You will be getting paid by the employer as they post their job, you take your commission and pay freelancers after they successfully complete the job.

77. Graphic designing

By becoming a graphic designer, you will earn by creating sales pages, business logos, website designs, images, etc. However, you will require to have skills in using tools such as Photoshop, adobe illustrator, etc for you to get started.

78. Provide Technical Support

This is an opportunity in high demand since we are living in a digitalized world. Most companies are looking for people who can offer technical support to their customers. It is an opportunity for those who like helping out other people on a tech forum.

79. Create A Podcast

A podcast allows you to earn money through affiliate marketing, partnerships, advertisements, and sponsorships. As you chose a niche for your podcast, have your audience in mind. This will help you know the topic that can interest your audience and make them engaged.

80. Pay Per Click Advertising Expert

As a PPC expert, you will assist businesses to run pay-per-click ad campaigns on different platforms such as Google Adwords. You will need to know the right keywords to maximize the return on investment on ads. To get such a business opportunity, register on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

81. Create a review website

To create a review website, you will need to properly think through a niche that is not very competitive. A review website can allow you to also earn through displaying ads, affiliate marketing, and publishing paid reviews. Some of the popular review websites you can borrow ideas from are Trustpilot and TripAdvisor.

82. Run An Auction Website

This can be a good online business idea for people with website designing knowledge. You will need to create a website that offers a platform for users to purchase and sell products through online auctions. You can then charge vendors a small fee for every auction product.

83. Start A Genealogical Research Business

Doing this kind of job is super simple. You only need to have a computer, stable internet and subscribe to the best genealogy websites. Popular websites such as Find My Past and Ancestry can help you piece together important information such as a person’s family tree. Once you complete, your research market it to find a buyer on different freelancing websites.

84. Designing Newsletters

Many smaller companies do not have the resources to design newsletters. Additionally, it can be time-consuming for companies to design newsletters. You can make templates and formats and then sell them at an affordable price. To increase your earnings, you can offer content writing services and charge the company more.

85. Rewriting

There are multiple rewriting opportunities on different freelancing sites. Many brands want to have convincing copies of the services they offer to their customers. They need freelancers who can improve the content of their websites.

86. Project Management Consultant

A project management consultant’s job is to help a client by advising, planning, and leading a team through a project. You need to have the relevant industry experience to make money as a remote project management consultant. As a remote consultant, it’s critical to get to know your clients. Make sure to understand their project vision and maintain continuous communication.

87. Offer Counseling Services

There’s no reason why you can’t turn your expertise into a business if you’re a licensed counselor. You can offer services through skype meetings, web meeting programs, emails, and instant messaging services. Bereavement and anger counseling are among the online counseling services you can offer.

88. White Hat Hacking

If you are skilled in white hat hacking, you can use your skills to find security flaws in hardware, software, and networks. Many businesses rely on trade secrets to run their operations, which must be protected. To avoid future security breaches, white hat hackers can reveal faults in their systems. Many clients will need adequate credentials due to the sensitive nature of this work. Having relevant credentials can help you gain a reputation and attract more clients.

89. Lead Generation Business

Your job in lead generation is to find potential clients for other companies. Firms are willing to pay for leads to probable clients who are interested in their goods or services. Facebook is an excellent source of leads since it can reach a large number of people. It’s also simple to get clients. You can get clients through online advertising or email campaigns. Make sure you choose a field that is in high demand.

90. Create Unique Software For Freelancers

You may generate money as a software developer by creating customized software solutions for freelancing clients. Because many freelancers provide unique services, finding premade software to assist them is difficult. As a result, creating unique software solutions for freelancers is in great demand. It’s also easy to attract customers. Paid advertisements on freelancing websites can provide much-needed exposure to a target audience.

91. Systems Integrator Service Business

A systems integrator’s job primarily involves bringing together digital and subsystem components into a single overarching system, making all functions work together. If you have the relevant skill set, you may provide this service from the comfort of your own home. To integrate many computer systems, the work necessitates a good understanding of programming, hardware, software, and coding. Because of the complexity of the systems integrator’s job, you can charge high fees.

92. Consultant In Email Marketing

An email marketing consultant’s job is to assist organizations in improving their email communication and marketing efforts. Email marketing consultants assist companies in evaluating and improving their email communication. You may also advise on how to compose an engaging subject line and how to organize an email to maximize interaction. The startup cost is minimal with marketing taking the largest share of your capital.

93. Create A Daily Deals Website

Just as the name implies, a daily deals website is an online platform that offers heavily discounted services and products for just a day. The biggest benefit of creating a daily deal site is that you’ll only be acting as a middleman, which means you won’t have to deal with the items or service delivery. It’s low-cost because you just need to buy a domain and hosting to get started.

94. Legal Writing Services

If you are a lawyer, judge, legislator, or legal professional, this is for you. You can help companies remotely with the legal writing they need such as writing contracts and court-related documents. It is another viable online business idea that requires less capital to implement.  A legal background is required, and clients will want proof in the form of a degree or past job experience.

95. Testing Digital Products

If you have a computer and a microphone, you can start a digital product testing business. This involves assessing the features and functionality of products like apps and websites. To find products you can test, visit sites like TestingTime, Webusability, and UserTesting. You may earn up to $40 per hour or per test. You can increase revenue by joining several testing sites.

96. Online Dating Consultant

In the last 10 years, the use of online dating has skyrocketed. With such a large target market, becoming an online dating consultant is a good idea. A background in psychology or counseling can make you very successful in this business. You can operate totally online by offering e-mail consultations, phone consultations, or even instant chat sessions. You can get started by advertising your services on social media or setting up a website.

97. Collections Agent

A collections agent’s job involves contacting consumers who have unpaid loans or bills. Collections agents compile lists of debtors and categorize them according to the severity of the debt. They contact defaulters and explain how debts might be recovered. It’s a simple business that you can run online, especially if you’ve worked in debt collecting before. To get clients, advertise directly to businesses or use your industry relationships.

98. Become An Internet Strategist

In this business, your purpose is to assist customers in identifying their objectives, assessing their company’s strengths and weaknesses, and developing a systematic strategy that outlines how to achieve their objectives. Because so many businesses are moving their operations online, you’ll be in great demand as an internet strategist. Experience in planning or marketing is a plus. Cold-calling is a great way to obtain clients.

99. Write University Admission Applications

Joining university has become more competitive than it has ever been. But writing an admission statement is a real challenge for some. This is the point at which your writing skills come in handy. The initial costs are minimal. With a laptop, all you need is internet connectivity and a basic website to advertise your services.

100. Buying And Selling On eBay

You can purchase or sell any used item online through eBay. Once you get interested in any item, you can make bargains and buy that item cheaply. There are also undervalued products you can find here. Once, you buy an item, relist it again and sell it at a profit.

101. Managing business inboxes Virtually

The email accounts of many companies are overloaded with lots of unwanted advertising emails. This situation makes it very challenging to track important and relevant inquiries. But this is an opportunity for anyone interested in managing business inboxes. This work involves creating email folders to help categorize emails based on their sources as well as deleting spam emails. You can manage email inboxes remotely and you can do so for several companies at a time.


Any of these online business ideas are viable, provided you have relevant skills and experience. In addition, you will become very successful if you pursue an idea you are passionate about. What are you waiting for? Go through this list to identify amazing business ideas that you can implement with a budget of less than $101.